EDT Software provides complete case management for litigation and investigations. It integrates e-discovery activities end-to-end from processing to analysis, review, production and presentation in court. Finally, you have all the features you need to run your whole case end-to-end without any data movements, saving time and money.

SLS Product -  EDT Software

Key benefits:
  • Control - you maintain full control over the whole hardware and software environment on your own internal infrastructure.
  • Easy licensing - a single, transparent, affordable annual subscription fee.
  • Unlimited processing resources - no core based pricing or processing transaction fees.
  • No volume based charges - no per gigabyte or document charges for hosting or processing.
  • No user fees - add new users without incurring any additional fees.
  • Privacy, Confidentiality & Security - You have the comfort of knowing that privacy, confidentiality & security are entirely under your control.

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Angela Goodwin

"While the Streamline-supplied Summation database meets our document management needs for litigation, it is the...

- Angela Goodwin, Associate, Gilbert Walker

Anna McElhinney

"SLS provide discovery support for our team that is pro-active, professional and tailored to our needs. Having...

- Anna McElhinney, Senior Solicitor, DLA Phillips Fox

Stuart Grieve

“I have been a Summation user for over 15 years, and when SLS became the NZ agent for Summation about 12 years...

- Stuart Grieve QC

Doug Cowan

"Rainey Law has had a close working relationship with Streamlined Litigation Support since the practice...

- Doug Cowan, Partner, Rainey Law

Paul Davison

“I run Summation as an efficient means of managing and analysing large files of documents and information. The...

- Paul Davison QC

Jeanne Heatlie

"I was introduced to Streamlined Litigation Support and the Summation software only a couple of years ago and...

- Jeanne Heatlie, Rainey Law


"SLS and the Summation software greatly assist us to provide high quality and value-based dispute management...

- Laura O'Gorman, Partner, Buddle Findlay

Melisa Beight

"My professional relationship with Streamlined Litigation Support Limited spans almost a...

-  Melisa Beight, Senior Solicitor, Lowndes Jordan

Tim Allan

"Our firm has used the services of Streamlined Litigation Support (SLS) for several years. We have always found...

Tim Allan, Partner, Grove Darlow & Partners

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